Reduce, Reuse, & Repurpose Your Holiday Wrapping

The holiday season is here! I don't know about you, but the fact that 2020 is almost over is blowing my mind. It feels like March was just last month.

I love the holiday season, and even though it can get stressful sometimes, it still brings me joy. I also love giving gifts. Nothing makes me happier than when I can come up with the perfect present.

I worked retail for years, and the store I worked at did free gift wrapping on every purchase, so I got pretty decent at wrapping gifts. But sometimes it makes me feel so wasteful, knowing that the paper will be ripped apart and immediately thrown away. So I wanted to share little ways that I try to reduce my holiday wrapping waste.


Wrapping a small gift with scrap wrapping paper.

Although I'm trying my best to use items I already have, there are going to be gifts wrapped in wrapping paper. I didn't have any brown paper large enough for a box I had to wrap, but my roll of wrapping paper was too large. I saved the extra scrap from the piece I cut and was able to wrap four smaller items with it. Try to save your usable pieces when you're wrapping, you never know what it might end up being a perfect size for. It reduces the amount of wrapping paper you go through over time, which is good for your pocket and the environment.



In my house we have a small bag full of ribbons from gifts given over the years, I wrapped a gift yesterday and used a piece of ribbon for at least the third time. You don't need to repurchase these items every single year, it's just not cost effective and it can be wasteful. 

This is also true for gift bags. Along with our bag of ribbons, we also have one with gift bags in it. I can't remember the last time I actually had to purchase a gift bag for something. The other day I received a Secret Santa gift, and the items showed up in Amazon gift bags, although I try not to purchase from Amazon, I can still appreciate a reusable bag. Less than 48 hours later, I reused both those bags for the Secret Santa gift I was mailing out.


Brown paper bags and newspaper. This year I decided to try and reuse some of the brown paper bags we had in the house. Although I originally planned on

Gift wrapped in newspaper & twine

cutting them to use as wrapping paper but ended up needing a bag for something oddly shaped. I used some red tissue and with a piece of twine tied some small cute ornaments that were once on a wreath onto the handle. It looks adorable.

Wrapping items in newspaper can also look nice, a few years ago my sister wrapped a bunch of our gifts with newspaper and twine and it looked so cute! Most people can appreciate when you are being environmentally conscience and if its done right, it can look just as nice as wrapping paper.

Gifts wrapped in a repurposed brown bag, with repurposed ornaments on the handle, and a repurposed cookie tin with reused ribbon wrapped around it.

I also love reusing cookie or candy tins! They are perfect for smaller items that might have a weird shape. I wrapped up two items in one this weekend, and tied a piece of reused ribbon around it and I absolutely love how it looks.

Random ornaments and decorations that have fallen off old wreaths. I never did this before this year, but as I was rummaging through our ribbon bag I found some small ornaments and fake holly. I was looking for a way to dress up a box I wrapped where the reused ribbon piece was a little too small for a nice bow, so I tied the holly to the center of it, and I'm obsessed. This is definitely going to be a part of all my wrapping in the future.

The process of gift giving and receiving should be fun and stress free! There's no reason to go overboard on spending just for the wrapping that you're giving the gifts in. I know it sounds cliche, but it truly is the thought that counts!

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