Starting Simply with Care

The idea behind Simply with Care is to help people decrease their use of single-use plastics, and to use more all-natural items in their daily life.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2018, my doctor's strongly suggested that I avoid eating and drinking out of plastic containers as much as I could, because some of the chemicals in them might "feed" my cancer cells. And even though I'm now in remission I still try to stick with that. But this got me thinking, if the chemicals that can be found in plastics weren't good for me when I'm sick, they're probably no better for me when I'm healthy.

I'm not a perfect person, do I use plastic sometimes? Of course, but I try to limit it as much as I can. And am attempting to get better at it on a daily basis. It's difficult to avoid something that is found everywhere. But I truly believe that if we all make an effort to avoid unnecessary plastic use, we can make a big impact on the earth.

When I started making a more conscience effort to avoid purchasing unnecessary plastic, I sometimes found the more eco-friendly alternatives to be outside of my budget. This led to me creating some of these alternatives myself, in an attempt to stay budget-friendly. Going plastic-free doesn't have to be fancy, and can begin with simple alternatives.

My goal with Simply with Care is to help people make easy transitions to decrease their use of plastic, while also helping their wallets and hopefully, their health.  I hope to use this platform as not only a place to offer plastic-free alternatives, but also to share recipes, ideas, and habits that I use in my daily life to help lower my carbon-footprint.

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